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Why is there a need?

Today over 80% of the lint your dryer produces passes right through the particulate collection screen (lint trap) in your clothes dryer while only 20% is actually captured for you to see. What does this mean? There is a lot of material passing through your dryer vent with each and every use. The problem. Over time a blocked dryer vent or dryer duct is caused by this lint material accumulating and causing reduced airflow output. This causes the dryer to take longer to dry clothes, reduces energy efficiency causing bills to be higher, and most importantly can cause the dryer to overheat and catch on fire or the lint in the clogged ducting to ignite and cause a fire. Either way, it's extremely dangerous.

Signs of clogged ducts are:

1. Poor airflow at the exhaust vent
2. Clothes taking more than one cycle to dry

3. Dryer becoming hot to the touch 
4. Burning smell and sometimes even smoke 
5. Lint collects on both sides of the lint screen

6. Lint collects on area outside of clothes dryer (laundry room floor, walls, exterior walls of washer & dryer, etc.)

VENT CLEANING HERO wants to ensure your business, home, and family is safe from fire hazards by providing a professional service that is affordable to the client.


Having your dyer vent cleaned will:

1.  Help reduce drying time (often significantly)
2. Help increase energy efficiency (reduce usage of gas and electricity)
3. Help extend the life of your dryer
4. Help save you money on dryer repairs
5. Help prevent a dryer fire

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